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Why Us!

It is always best to be with the Best. We are not only the leader of this software industry but the service provider of the Leaders of this business domain also. To keep up with the trend of this business domain, we go through an extensive level of research and development in regular basis to improve our product so that we can keep it flexible, robust and reliable to meet any of your requirements at any point of time to help you achieve your highest possible revenue.

More than 200 clients having more than 10000 end users have been using our software for last 5 years. We have a highly satisfied client base around India and we are one of leaders in technical support industry.

Real time online application connected to distributed server. No matter where your end user is, you will always be up to date about your current revenue status.

Windows based application provides you more secure access control than any other Web based application can provide. No matter how secure is your connection, if your website can be opened from any computer, it can also be hacked from any computer. But windows based application will reside only in your own computers and each copy of your software can be locked for each of your system individually diminishing the chance of software theft or data lose.

Integrated latest technologies like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Barcode generation and Verification, FKey Verification (FingerPrint Verification), Android and Windows phone clients etc makes your copy of software one point solution to all your needs.

We believe in excellence and expertise. We have a team of 50 IT experts, highly educated and well trained regarding MLM and Money Marketing concepts to provide best possible solution to any and all of your problems in minimum time.

Our Software gets followed by other companies in the same domain. We are a trend setter in this industry. You may meet a marketing agent with some new ideas from other companies, but review us and you will find that we have been in successful practice with that new idea for a long time already. We believe to stay ahead. Be with us to stay ahead.

General Features

User Friendly Environment

Windows based application, designed with ease and powered by latest .NET Technology; it has been designed keeping in mind that anybody can operate it with only a little training.

Real Time Multi-user Online Application

No matter where your branch is, if you can provide an internet connection, you can connect with your branch at any point of time and get the latest business information with just a click. Our system supports unlimited no of simultaneous user, so you won’t have to worry about the number of branches or number of computers to be configured with the system. You need to open a new point-of-sale, just go with your choice.

Latest Technology

The software is developed using Microsoft .NET Technology and SQL Server, two of the most reliable technology present in current time. The beauty of .NET technology is that it is by default fully compatible with Windows OS. No matter which version of Windows OS (above Windows 98) you are using, our software can run without a glitch.

Highly optimized and secure Database

We value and understand the importance of your data. Our technician team works 24x7 around our database servers to provide uptime of your data all the time. Your data remains yours, managed and controlled by us from any possible threat.

Integrates with real time Mobile SMS

SMS can be sent in real time to any of Indian numbers from your software. Sending option of SMS can be automated and content is changeable at any point of time.

Integrated with Inventory Management System

Inventory management is one of complex operations of network marketing companies. Our software can be customized to integrate with our highly reliable and robust solution of inventory and logistic data management software.

Integrated with Human Resource Management

One of most important aspect of any company is Human Resource. Our HR Solution package can easily be integrated with your Money Marketing software at any point of time.

Integrated with Associate Portal

We provide a separate web portal for your agents so that they can log in with their Agent Code and Password and check their self and team business statistics at any point of time and from anywhere.

Intergrated with Mobile Apps

Our application can easily be accessed in iPhone, Android and Windows mobile and tablets. The ease of access is highly essential in this ever-changing and fast world.

Only 3 Weeks requires for development

We are experienced. We know what you need before you ask. So we are prepared well enough to meet any of your requirements. Give us three week of time, and we can provide you a one stop solution to all your business requirements.

Highly Customizable

Our software is built for you and only you. And so it is customizable as you need it to be.

Unlimited Reports

By default we provide more than 25 Informational Reports in our software. However, if you still can find a better idea of a new report, we will be happy to create it for you.

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